Family Field Day at St James Farm – A Big Success

It was another beautiful day–full of sunshine, gentle breezes, shady trees, and about 5,000 families and kids. We found homes for about 200-300 more Sugar Maple seedlings!

We set up our booth in a picture-perfect spot in the shade of 2 large maples.
We had a picture-perfect spot in the shade between 2 large maples, right beside the trolley stop and across from the Port-a-Potties, so almost everyone came by eventually.   🙂

For this event, we managed to get some delightful photos of the kids and parents who took us up on our offer to plant Sugar Maples.

A big THANK YOU to each and every person or family who planted a Sugar Maple seedling! You guys are the BEST!

This map shows where people said they would plant. Click red text below for zoom-able,  interactive version with individual names.

Our volunteer tree planters came in many shapes and sizes, but one thing they all shared was a love of the world around them and a desire to make it better by planting a tree.

Click here to view an interactive version of the map.

When people said they would plant

Most people planned to plant their Sugar Maple seedlings within a day or two. This is good news since generally speaking, the sooner these trees are put back in the ground the better the survival rate.

So now, let’s get to the photos of the volunteer planters!

Looking at these happy faces, you almost HAVE to smile! Their enthusiasm is so contagious! Thanks again everyone!