Put Your Dot on the Map!

If you got a free maple seedling from one of the new a “Yard Displays” or “Road-Side Self-Service Stands,” you may not have registered online yet. But don’t worry, registering is quick and easy.

Here's an example of a "Yard Display".
Here’s an example of a “Yard Display”. If you have a shady spot in your yard that people will see, please contact me and volunteer your space.

Registration is important because it tracks where the seedlings are being planted and encourages others to join us.

When you register,  you get a chance to “put your dot on the map” and dedicate your little tree to someone or something special to you!

So please, click here and register, if you haven’t done so yet! It only takes a few seconds and it will really help a lot!


Sandy (aka “Sandy Maple Seed”)
Plant a tree and breathe easier!