Wanna free tree?

If you are in the Western suburbs of Chicago and would like to plant a free tree…

Just send an email to info@theSandyMapleSeedProject.com or click the Contact Us button in the upper right corner.

If you want to help and you…

  1. have an idea about how to get more trees planted in the ground, or
  2. know of a group who would like to use this as a fund raiser, or
  3. know of a teacher, school, or church group that would distribute these trees, or
  4. would like to help pot up more seedlings, or
  5. are interested in volunteering in some other way, or even
  6. want to make a donation to help cover costs

then send an email to info@theSandyMapleSeedProject.com.

All help would be greatly appreciated!


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