4 New Homes Found, Trees Nicely Planted!

Denise M. who picked up 4 maple seedlings last weekend and planted them all already.

Nice job, Denise! They look beautiful and with such good work, they are sure to make it through the Winter and grow fast this Spring and Summer.

Thanks for sharing the pics with us! I hope you send us updates from time to time so we can see how fast they grow!

Anyone else out there have photos to share? We’d LOVE to see them! Just send them in. 🙂

New home of seedling
Another really good thing that Denise did is to stake and mulch her seedlings. The tree won’t need the stake too long — only a few years but it will do much better with the mulch for many years to come.




One thought on “4 New Homes Found, Trees Nicely Planted!”

  1. Sandy! How wonderful to see pictures of one of the many trees that have found homes. This is a great project and so very beneficial to the Earth. I enjoyed volunteering with you at the Danada Fall Festival in the SandyMapleSeedProject booth and would be thrilled to see additional pics from others who have planted your free seedlings.

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